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Help us determine the material of your water service line

Aquarion Water Company is updating our water service line records to meet the new standards required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. Help us identify your line's material—be it lead, copper, plastic, brass, or galvanized steel. Begin by finding the water service line in your basement, then take our survey below to share your findings.

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Guide to Identifying Your Water Pipe Material

Below, you’ll find a visual and descriptive guide to help you identify common pipe materials. From lead to plastic, learn the characteristics of each type and how to easily recognize them through simple tests and visual cues. Follow the steps below to learn how to identify your pipe material:

  1. Find where the water comes into your building. This is usually in the basement!
  2. Observe the color of the pipe coming into your building.
  3. Perform a scratch test by gently scratching the pipe with a coin or a flathead screwdriver. Observe the scratch!
  4. Grab a magnet from your refrigerator and see if it sticks to the pipe.
  5. Now use the key below to match your characteristics.
lead service line

Lead pipes are gray or silver. Scratch test: shiny and silver (soft and scratches easily). Magnets will not stick. Widens at base and forms a "bulb."

galvanized steel service line
Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel pipes are gray or silver. Scratch test: no visible scratch on surface. Magnets will stick. Has threads at connections.

copper service line

Copper pipes are dull brown; greenish. Scratch test: same color as penny. Magnets will not stick.

brass service line

Brass pipes are brown, can have green corrosion spots. Scratch test: gold color. Magnets will not stick. Has threads at connections.

plastic service line

Smooth and red, blue, black, or white.

Learn About Lead

Lead is a naturally occurring metal that is harmful to our health.

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