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Becoming an Aquarion Customer

Aquarion customers enjoy many advantages, among them:

  • High-quality water that meets or is better than state and federal standards
  • Reliable supply
  • Enhanced property values for potential home buyers
  • Elimination of contamination risks from your own well
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Buying or Selling Property

Moving in or moving out of your property? Find out what you need for your closing attorney and/or realtor.

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Renting or Leasing Property

Renting or leasing property as a residential or commercial tenant? Apply for service, learn about security deposits, and more.

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Request a Service Line

Determine service availability (new connection to a water main) for a property, or seek water service for a new development.

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Call Center hours are weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Emergency service is available for all other hours including weekends and holidays.

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