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Our customers are our number one priority and we are here to assist you. You can enroll in our customer portal, which includes bill-pay with your bank account as well as valuable usage and payment history information, review other billing options, or find out how to understand your water bill. You can view  your rights as an Aquarion Water customer, or browse our FAQ’s for more information.

Our Customer Service Center can be reached at: 1-800-732-9678 or email us: We are open for regular business Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For emergencies, we are always available 24/7 at the same number.

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Preventing Frozen Pipes and Meters

It’s the cold truth: Preventing frozen pipes is far easier than replacing pipes that freeze and burst. And that’s not even considering paying for the damage to your home and possessions that can result from burst pipes.

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How to Find and Stop Leaks

Is your bill higher than normal? A dripping faucet or other small leak in your water system may not seem like big problem. But those drops quickly start adding up. Click here for more information.

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Discolored Water

Learn about the reasons why water may be discolored and what you can do.

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Water Quality

Safe, clean drinking water is essential to the health and well-being of each one of us as well as to society as a whole.

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