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We are continuously working to maintain and improve the water system.  Some of the major projects we are currently working on involve the installation of new, or the replacement of existing, equipment and facilities needed to provide safe, reliable water service.

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Tank Improvement Project in Hampton, NH: Exeter Road

Mar 27, 2024 New Hampshire

Aquarion Water Company will be constructing a new water storage tank. The new tank will be located next to the existing tank on Falcone Circle in Hampton, NH. The new tank will have the same storage capacity and appearance of the existing tank. Once the new tank is in service, the existing tank will be demolished.

Background and History

Built in 1983, the existing tank is named the Exeter Road Tank because it predates Falcone Circle. It holds up to 750,000 gallons of treated drinking water and is used to meet our community’s domestic, business, and fire protection needs. The tank’s key functions are to store water for high demand periods, and to sustain and stabilize water pressure in homes and businesses.

Inspections of the Exeter Road Tank show that, after 42 years of service, it is reaching the end of its service life and is due for replacement. To assure that water service continues without interruptions, a new tank is needed. There is also a need for more water storage in the system, which the new tank will satisfy.

Project Overview

  • The existing Exeter Road Tank is reaching the end of its service life and is due for replacement.
  • Several locations for an additional tank were evaluated and the Falcone Circle site was selected because it is consistent with the existing property use, is already owned by Aquarion, provides simpler system operation, and will not result in reduced fire flow capacity when one tank is taken out of service for maintenance.
  • Design and permitting of the new tank is being done in 2024, and construction and demolition will be done in 2025 and 2026.
  • After the new tank is in service the existing tank will be demolished.


  1. May 16 ZBA appointment
  2. June – Project Review Committee
  3. August - Planning Board – site plan approval
  4. Bid:  Q3 2024
  5. Construction window:  Q1 2025 to Q4 2026

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For detailed answers to common questions about the Tank Improvement Project in Hampton, NH, explore our Exeter Tank FAQ page.

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