Learning About Lead

Water Testing

Aquarion's Water Testing Program

At Aquarion, we test our water and adjust for pH, and where indicated, we treat our water for corrosion to further reduce the chance of lead entering the supply from pipes and plumbing between our lines and your faucets.

And we test our water for lead and other contaminants as required by the EPA.

All water meets or exceeds regulations for lead, and tests show there is no lead in the water leaving our water treatment facilities.

We also regularly test the water at a selected number of high-risk homes.  If results exceed 15 parts per billion in more than ten percent (10%) of first-draw samples taken from household taps, we send notices to our customers in the affected systems and provide instructions on what to do to limit lead exposure, as required by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH).

Here is a link to more information about our testing program, and the test results for your community:

Water Quality Reports

Compliance Lead Testing Results - 90th percentile

Compliance Lead Testing Results - Individual Results


Home Testing You Can Do

Because you cannot see, taste or smell lead dissolved in water, testing is the best way of determining if there is any lead in your home's water.  Here is a link to the DPH website for a list of laboratories certified to test for lead in drinking water; you can work directly with the lab for information on cost, sampling bottles, and instructions for drawing the sample.