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We are continuously working to maintain and improve the water system.  Some of the major projects we are currently working on involve the installation of new, or the replacement of existing, equipment and facilities needed to provide safe, reliable water service.

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Southwest Regional Pipeline Project - Wilton

May 27, 2022 Connecticut

Aquarion/Eversource is continuing to work on Route 106 for the water and gas infrastructure improvements. Below is a 2 week look ahead as it relates to traffic. 

Week of May 30th: Contractor will continue to work on New Canaan Road. Detour Route around Old Boston Road will be in place.

Week of June 6th: Contractor will continue to work on New Canaan Road. Detour Route around Old Boston Road will be in place (refer to link below).

Other Miscellaneous Project Details:

  • Work will occur for most of 2022 between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm during the weekday.   
  • All School bus stops will remain at their current location.
  • Traffic control will be in place to assist vehicles. Please follow their direction.

Additional Gas Utility Work:

Additional Gas work is proposed on Wolfpit Road from Miller-Driscoll School to Belden Hill Road.  This work will occur once school is out of session. Alternating 1 lane of traffic will be in place during this work activity. Further information will follow.

Project Goals and Objectives

Strengthen the resiliency of the existing Southwest Regional Pipeline (SWRP) with the installation of a new water pipeline. Once operational, the new pipeline will be one measure to improve drought resilience through increased pipe capacity.

Scope of Work

A new 36-inch diameter ductile iron water main will parallel the existing water main located in New Canaan Road, also known as Route 106. The Wilton phase of the project begins at the Belden Hill water tanks and proceeds approximately 1.8 miles southwest to the New Canaan town line at the Silvermine River. Future phases of work extend the pipe further southwest through New Canaan.

Project Status

Project to begin in April 2022. For more details, please review the project fact sheet below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why can't there be a solution where New Canaan Road is only closed one way or using a less windy /direct road for a detour?
Answer: During review of the project, Wilton police indicated they will monitor the project and may require adjustments to the traffic plan as conditions dictate. One such option is use of the detour for one direction, and one-way traffic through the work zone if space permits. Alternative detour routes were evaluated but were found to have conditions similar to the selected detour at a significantly longer distance.

Question: Why can’t construction begin at 9am or later when most morning rush-hour traffic is over?
Answer: Work hours of 8:30am to 4:00pm are dictated by the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation balancing the peak traffic demands of the morning and afternoon.

Question: What precautions will be put in place to mitigate speeding and aggressive driving?
Answer: Police presence is required during construction activities in the road.

Question: Why not close Route 106 completely for just a few weeks and require Aquarion to work at an accelerated pace?
Answer: This strategy was used to accelerate the construction schedule by combining the Aquarion water and Eversource gas projects into one project. Full closure of Route 106 for the duration of the project would still require several months of construction.

Question: What will the surface of Route 106 look like after construction?
Answer: The Connecticut Department of Transportation requires that the road surface be completely repaved by Aquarion and Eversource at the end of the project.

Question: What mechanisms are in place to compensate the Town of Wilton for damage incurred to local roads used as detour routes?
Answer: The Town of Wilton requires a bond to cover restoration of local roads if deemed necessary after construction.

Question: Why is the new water main necessary? Why not require water conservation measures?
Answer: Aquarion continues to advocate water conservation such as the mandatory irrigation schedule in effect for customers southwestern Connecticut but the existing southwest regional pipeline in Route 106 is undersized to meet increased demand since it was put into service over 30 years ago.

Question: When will the detour start?
Answer:Approximate start date is May 1, 2022.

Question: Where will construction begin and what direction will construction progress to?
Answer: Construction will begin at the Belden Hill tanks and progress toward the New Canaan town line.

Question: What is the duration of each detour?
Answer: Only one detour will be in effect at any one time. Each detour is expected to be in place for a duration of 3-4 months depending on weather and construction progress.

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