Infrastructure Projects

System improvements, upgrades and projects

We are continuously working to maintain and improve the water system.  Some of the major projects we are currently working on involve the installation of new, or the replacement of existing, equipment and facilities needed to provide safe, reliable water service.

workers building pipe trench

Pipeline Replacement Project - Greenwich/Stamford

Sep 14, 2021 Connecticut

Project Goals and Objectives

The project is part of an ongoing program to improve Aquarion’s water supply system.  The infrastructure upgrades will also help to reduce leaks and improve the transfer of water from the Bargh Reservoir to Rockwood Reservoir. 

Scope of Work

Aquarion will replace an existing 20-inch raw water pipeline between Bargh Reservoir Dam in Stamford and the Rockwood Lake watershed in Greenwich.


Work on Farms Road in Stamford is expected to be completed by end of September 2021. Temporary paving TBD.

Pressure testing on Taconic Road is expected to be completed by end of October 2021. Temporary paving will be completed before year end. Final paving and restoration will be completed in the Spring of 2022.


Last update: September 14, 2021

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