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We are continuously working to maintain and improve the water system.  Some of the major projects we are currently working on involve the installation of new, or the replacement of existing, equipment and facilities needed to provide safe, reliable water service.

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New Exeter Road Tank

Mar 16, 2020 New Hampshire

Project Scope

Aquarion Water Company will be constructing a new water storage tank; to be located next to the existing tank on Falcone Circle in Hampton.  The new tank will have the same storage capacity and appearance as the existing tank.

Hampton System Water Storage Tank Siting Analysis

Exeter Road Water Storage Tank Construction Sequence

Frequently Asked Questions

Background and History

Built in 1982, the existing tank is named after Exeter Road because Falcone Circle did not exist at that time.  It holds 750,000 gallons of treated drinking water when full.  Inspections of the Exeter Road Tank show that, after 37 years of service, it needs both to be repainted and repaired.  This work will require the tank to be taken out of service for approximately six months.
The tank is the key facility for meeting our community’s domestic, business, and fire protection needs.  It is the sole facility for much of the water distribution system for storing water for high demand periods, especially fire fighting, and for sustaining and stabilizing water pressure in homes and businesses.

Aquarion evaluated multiple alternatives for how to assure uninterrupted water service while the tank is out of service and determined that a new tank is the best alternative.  Temporary pumping and control systems will not provide reliable performance for the extended outage period.  Several potential locations for a new tank were also evaluated, with the proposed location providing the most benefits.  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details.

Project Overview

  • The existing Exeter Road Tank requires structural rehabilitation.  The interior iron frame is starting to deteriorate, and must be repaired for the tank to continue in service.  
  • Both the inside and outside of the tank are due for painting.  Most of the tank surfaces are still covered by the original paint, which has exceeded its original life.  To prevent deterioration from rust and corrosion, the tank surface must be stripped of the old paint, then repainted.  This work will extend the working life of the tank for decades.
  • A second tank will support existing water service needs while the existing tank is out of service, and will enhance fire protection and operating efficiencies thereafter.
  • The new tank will be functionally and visually identical to the existing tank, and be constructed on the same property as the existing tank.
  • Construction will take about a year, starting in 2020.  Rehabilitation and repainting of the existing tank will be scheduled after the new tank is in service.

Project Schedule

  • Design.  The new tank is being designed.  In general, it will have the same size, shape and appearance as the existing tank, but with more modern materials and structural configuration.
  • Permitting.  An application for a height variance is currently at the Town of Hampton Zoning Board of Adjustment.
  • Construction.  If the design and permitting phase goes as expected, construction will begin in 2020, and finish in 2021.
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information

Last update:  March 16, 2020