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Manager, Systems Operations

Feb 21, 2020 Connecticut
Function Overview

The Systems Operations Manager is responsible for the supervision of all operational, maintenance and improvement activities in the Mystic Division pump stations, storage tanks, ground water treatment facilities, surface water treatment plant, and distribution piping systems. This position is responsible for the continuous review of treatment and pumping operations in terms of efficient and cost effective operation and maintenance required to achieve and distribute superior treated water quality.  Required to be on call 24/7. Represents the Company in the community, professional organizations and regulators. This position is accountable to the Director of Supply Operations.

  • Programs and directs the efficient and reliable operation, maintenance, protection, security and appearance of all water supply facilities, impoundments, watersheds, pumping, treatment, booster, storage facilities, properties, pipelines, valves, hydrants, services and other appurtenances.
  • Exercises direct supervision over seven departmental employees with a primary responsibility for the growth and development of these employees as well as ensuring a positive work environment that fosters a sense of teamwork and dedication.  Assesses employee performance and counsels accordingly to ensure optimum performance and to effect resolution of issues and concerns. Performs semi-annual performance reviews for each staff member.
  • Directly responsible for the operation and maintenance of various automated ground water and surface water treatment facilities, distribution pumping, storage systems and distribution piping systems throughout the New London, Middlesex, Hartford and Tolland counties.
  • Provides for meters and meter reading including installation, removal and repair, periodic testing and reading schedules.
  • Programs, directs or contributes to water quality programs: EPA/DPH drinking water monitoring, watershed survey, cross-connection inspection/survey, Partnership for Safe Drinking Water. Assists in sampling, packaging and shipping samples to various labs when needed.
  • Directs the sampling and monitoring program for wastewater discharge and landfill permits, and maintains notebooks for each permit.
  • Responsible for the daily operations of the Dean’s Mill surface water treatment facility.  Responsible for the operation and maintenance of reservoir dams, spillways, intakes and other appurtenances.  Ensures that efficient operating procedures are in place.  Optimizes treated water quality.
  • Primary responsibility for ensuring that treatment facilities are in compliance with all applicable federal and state drinking water and other environmental regulations.  Responsible for ensuring that all company treatment operation goals and water quality goals are met.
  • Responsible for all treatment related issues.  Interfaces with the Process Engineer as appropriate on treatment issues.  Makes recommendations regarding plant modifications that improve water quality, increase operating flexibility, and reduce costs.
  • Must have an in depth knowledge of automated control systems and their application to water supply system operation.  Must have working knowledge of modern supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems based on a programmable logic controller (PLC) platform.
  • Makes recommendations to the Director-Supply Operations and Engineering Department concerning required capital improvements.  Responsible for the successful implementation of capital projects under his/her control as part of the department’s recurring capital budget.  Acts as Project Manager for the more significant recurring capital projects.
  • Interfaces with outside agencies to obtain information affecting treatment operations, process optimization and implementation.  These contacts include various regulatory agencies, research organizations, universities and water utilities.
  • Maintains current knowledge of state-of-the-art treatment practices through attendance of seminars, workshops and courses. Continuously reviews current operations for applicability.
  • Responsible for maintaining appropriate communication with Utility Operations and Water Quality for the purposes of coordinating system operations, addressing non-revenue water and implementing water quality improvements.
  • Functions as the main liaison for all the towns served and participates in community and environmental affairs.
  • Stays abreast of and adheres to all current safety practices in accordance with company policies and industry guidelines and regulations.  Expects the same of subordinates.
Know How

(Education, Experience, Certification required, etc.)

An Associates degree in Engineering or Science and a minimum of eight years of experience in water production and treatment are required.  A Bachelors degree in Engineering or Science is highly desirable.  State of Connecticut Class IV Water Treatment Plant Operator., CT Class 3 Water Distribution System Operator, and CT Special Waste Landfill Operator Certification Certificate will all be ultimately required and highly desirable as well as OSHA HAZMAT Certification at the Technician level.

Problem Solving

(Situations are identical; similar; differing; variable; non-recurring)

Situations and circumstances, both operational and administrative can be variable and complex. Mature, independent judgement is required.


(Assist others, share responsibility, fully responsible, direct others. [Also, if applicable, state dollar volume of assets controlled, and number of people supervised, directly and indirectly])

  • Reports to the Director of Supply Operations.  Assets controlled are approximately $20,000,000 and annual operating expense in excess of $1,000,000.
  • Fully responsible for controlling expenditures within established budgets.
  • Directly supervises a work group of seven employees.

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