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Manager, Service Delivery

Jan 21, 2020 Connecticut


This position will lead the Utility Operations group to support Aquarion’s Water Utility of the Future goal to be a best-in-class service provider. You will maintain and develop a strong, creative team aimed at achieving consistency and efficiency in service delivery to internal and external customers. The Manager, Service Delivery is responsible for identifying and implementing improvements to the processes and systems within the various functional areas of Utility Operations to improve service to our customers, increase productivity, reduce/control costs, increase distribution system resiliency, and ensure regulatory compliance. This will include identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), performing needs assessments (particularly relative to these KPIs), prioritizing needs, identifying alternative solutions to address these needs, implementing solutions, and training staff on new processes and systems. The Manager will collaborate with the Information Technology Department on system enhancements. The Manager will monitor the KPIs and perform other data analysis to measure the performance of the department, particularly related to the customer experience and operating efficiencies.


  1. Lead the Utility Operations Department to improved performance relative to service to our customers, productivity, cost efficiency, distribution system resiliency, regulatory compliance, and inter-departmental collaboration.
  2. Document (visually and in writing) the primary functions and processes within the Utility Operations Department.
  3. Identify, develop, and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the various functional areas within the Utility Operations Department, including Service, Distribution, Cross Connections, and Meter Reading.
  4. Identify and prioritize needs (particularly relative to the KPIs).
  5. Identify and evaluate alternatives solutions to address business requirements. Solutions might include new systems (e.g. software applications), new/improved work processes, and/or training initiatives. The Manager will collaborate with the IT Department for alternatives that involve new systems.
  6. Select and recommend solutions to address needs, including business case analysis for review by senior management.
  7. Lead the implementation of selected solutions. This includes collaborating as the business lead with the IT Department on solutions that include new systems or system enhancements. This also includes training new employees on new/improved work processes.
  8. Manage the work of consultants; for example, consultants assisting with the evaluation and/or changes to work processes.
  9. Collaborate with Eversource to learn about and leverage processes and systems/technologies that they have evaluated and implemented for similar work (e.g. work management systems and processes).
  10. Maintain current knowledge of new and innovative utility solutions spanning from the distribution system (e.g. leak detection) to IT systems (e.g. new software to manage cross connections activities), and considers/evaluate these solutions to address departmental needs.
  11. Interface with outside agencies as necessary to obtain information affecting work process (AWWA, CBYD, customer focused agencies, etc.). This may also include various regulatory agencies, research organizations, universities and other water companies.
  12. Function as an education resource on water distribution issues. Prepare and presents periodic in-house seminars on various related topics.
  13. Assist director, managers and supervisors with preparation of operating, maintenance and capital budgets.
  14. May assume temporary responsibility of an individual work group or the department, when required, in the absence of the primary supervisor or director. May be called upon during emergencies for technical assistance.


(Education, Experience, Certification required, etc.)

  1. The following combination of education and experience is required: a. BS in Engineering and five years of appropriate experience in a similar position required.
  2. Demonstrated experience evaluating and re-engineering work processes.
  3. Knowledge of the fundamental aspects of water utility distribution systems and customer service related operations.
  4. Ability to work independently to resolve complex water distribution and service issues, present technical data in a concise and meaningful manner, and implement or assist in the implementation of solutions.
  5. Ability to analyze water utility customer service related issues, including meter reading, cross connections, and service to identify and implement solutions.
  6. Demonstrated leadership and supervisory skills.


(Situations are identical; similar; differing; variable, nonrecurring)

Responsible for the evaluation of complex process issues including service delivery issues, regulatory compliance (e.g. cross connections), work scheduling, dispatch management, and infrastruction/asset performance/resilience. Must be able to identify needs, identify solutions, and implement solutions that involve people, processes, and systems. Work includes evaluating, interpreting, organizing, analyzing, planning, designing, implementing and presenting. This role works in an environment that often requires the performance of multiple simultaneous activities, where deadlines need to be met and work is performed under pressure while involving significant business commitments and results.


(Assist others, share responsibility, fully responsible, direct others):

  1. Responsible for improving the performance of Utility Operations Department by identifying and implementing solutions that include people, processes, and systems.
  2. Accountable to Director of Utility Operations.
  3. Responsible for direction/input on projects up to $5 million.

Resumes and cover letters should be sent to, include your phone number and the location(s) in which you are interested.

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